Ifeanyi Njoku, a resident of Badore Estate in Ajah, Lagos State, has been apprehended in connection with the brutal murder of his girlfriend, Precious Okeke, WITHINNIGERIA reports.

The tragic incident unfolded on Oke Street, where Njoku allegedly carried out the heinous act as part of a money ritual.

According to reports, a local spiritual practitioner had instructed Njoku to engage in sexual intercourse with Okeke’s lifeless body.

Disturbingly, Njoku complied with this ghastly directive, engaging in this horrifying act with the deceased for a period of six days.

As a result, a putrid stench began emanating from his apartment, causing concern among his neighbors.

Alarmed by the foul odor, the residents alerted the estate security personnel, who promptly conducted a search. Their search led to the discovery of the lifeless body of the young woman.

Elizabeth John, an eyewitness, confirmed the discovery and disclosed that Njoku had confessed to the murder.

He admitted that his motive was to employ Okeke in a money-making ritual.

Njoku further revealed that he had been instructed to engage in intercourse with the corpse for a duration of seven days.

However, his activities were cut short when he was apprehended on the final day.In response to the distressing situation, the estate chairman was called upon to assess the incident.

During the search of Njoku’s residence, the victim’s body was found, leading to his immediate arrest.

He was subsequently taken into custody at the Lamgbasa Police Station.

During the ensuing interrogation, Njoku confessed to the murder, stating that it had occurred six days prior.

Additionally, there are reports suggesting that he attempted to offer a bribe of N6 million to suppress the case.It has also come to light that Njoku had relocated his girlfriend from their village, and they had been living together before this tragic event unfolded.


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