The Edo State chapter of the Labour Party (LP) pointed fingers at Governor Godwin Obaseki’s security apparatus for its failure to prevent the abduction of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) state chairman, Dr. Tony Aziegbemi, who spent 11 days in captivity before his recent release,leadership reports.

In a press release issued by Comrade Sam Uroupa, the Edo State publicity secretary of the Labour Party, the party expressed relief over Aziegbemi’s safe return but raised serious concerns about the government’s inability to safeguard its own members, questioning its capability to ensure the safety of all citizens.

The incident, according to the statement, highlights the deteriorating security situation under the PDP-led government in Edo State. The party firmly asserts that a government unable to protect its top officials cannot be relied upon to safeguard the general populace.

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The Labour Party reiterated its commitment, under the leadership of its candidate, Olamide Akpata, to prioritize the welfare and security of all individuals regardless of their status. It emphasized that the lives and properties of both ordinary citizens and high-ranking officials are equally important and must be adequately protected. If elected into power on September 21st, 2024, the LP vows not to play politics with the lives of the people of Edo State but will instead advocate for a safe and secure environment for all residents.

One of the LP’s gubernatorial agendas includes focusing on improving security measures and promoting the welfare of the people of Edo State. This agenda reflects the party’s firm stance against security deficiencies and its advocacy for a government that prioritizes the safety of its citizens above all else. The party’s unwavering dedication to tackling security challenges and safeguarding the welfare of the people underscores its vision for a secure and prosperous Edo State.


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