Yusuf Haruna is a popular Kannywood actor, singer and comedian, known in the filmmaking industry as Baban Chinedu. The entertainer talks about the recent attack on his property in Kano State during the March 18 post election violence, among other things,Dailytrust report.

Is it true that your properties were attacked recently? Yes, it is true. After the winner of Kano State gubernatorial election was declared last Monday, I received a call in the morning that some people stormed, attacked and looted places where I have properties including my studio, and injured some of our boys. I also received information that some unidentified thugs set the house of a good friend of mine who is a renowned political singer, Dauda Kahutu Rarara, on fire and that his Zoo Road office was attacked. My proposed restaurant was also vandalized by these unknown thugs. NIGERIA DAILY: Will Kwankwaso Allow Abba Yusuf Work In Kano? Talking roads and agriculture in Akwa Ibom: Takeaways from the inter-ministerial briefing (1) There were a lot of narratives on what really happened that day, but the actual truth will soon be unravelled and the perpetrators’ identity revealed. Already, the security personnel have made some arrests. Did you quantify the damage done? I lost refrigerators, studio sound equipment among other valuables worth over N10 million and for Rarara, I don’t think he had made any quantification yet, but he suffered a huge loss. However, he is currently very busy in the studio trying to compose some of his new songs. The last time we spoke, he told me that he will take a look at the damages later because for now, he’s concerned with his new songs. Who do you suspect? I believed the attack wasn’t accidental, it was a move calculated and channelled toward us by our envious colleagues in the industry. The thugs were being led as I was told by some people who covered their faces to avoid being recognized. Moreover, our properties were strategically traced, located and looted. I am not insinuating anything because I know what I am saying; there was one of them who had told me that after the election they will do what they did to us. This is the work of some people in the industry who are not happy with our success as individuals. This is not the work of Kano people nor was it the work of the people we were at loggerheads with but the work of some envious members of Kannywood. The attack is not political as far as I am concerned, because the good people of Kano State wouldn’t do such a thing to people like us, this was an attack beyond politics completely. Asides looting, what other issues have you recorded? My brother is currently on admission in a hospital due to the injury he sustained during the attack. This is an innocent boy who was not involved in politics and someone stabbed him for no reason. What would you say is the main reason for the attack? You see, politics is a dynamic trend and if you are not careful, you may end up doing the wrong thing. People will call to sympathize with me telling me that Kwankwaso had sent thugs to attack my properties and that of Rarara and I will tell them that Kwankwaso had no hand in this issue neither does the state governor-elect. This is purely the work of people who knew us that much and were not happy with what we have achieved so far. What is your present security situation together with Rarara? We are doing fine and let me tell you something, I can freely move around Kano State with ease because as I told you earlier, that attack was not by Kano people but by envious people who felt that we shouldn’t be where we are today. How would you rate the security intervention received during the attack? I must commend the security outfits that responded to the attack, they succeeded in halting the attack and also putting off the fire set on Rarara’s residence. They have also made some arrests and I am optimistic that investigation has commenced on the matter. Moreover, I have to extend my appreciation to our immediate neighbourhood and community members for standing up for us even while we were absent; it was community members that gave maximum protection to some of our properties said to be attacked by the thugs. This is a clear indication that the attack wasn’t from Kano people but from those that were angry with our success stories.


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