Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, the leader of the Kwankwasiyya Movement in Nigeria, made a significant gesture on his 67th birthday by donating his personal residence to establish the Majidadi Institute of Islamic Research and Advancement,Daily Trust report.

The News Agency of Nigeria has reported that this Islamic center aims to offer opportunities to Almajiris who are dedicated to memorizing the Holy Quran. It will provide them with comprehensive training and certification, including primary, secondary, and diploma certificates.

Kwankwaso expressed that the institute will facilitate rigorous education in both English and Arabic studies. With the acquired certificates, these individuals can enter academia, thus broadening their horizons in the pursuit of knowledge.

Kwankwaso emphasized that the institute, formerly his Miller Road residence, is now a resource for the benefit of humanity. He clarified that his intention is not only to reduce the presence of beggars on the streets but also to offer life-changing opportunities to those who have been engaged in begging.

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He stated, “This center is designed to identify individuals who have memorized the Glorious Quran, assess their qualifications, and put them through a curriculum that enables them to earn primary and secondary certificates. They will also be awarded a diploma in Islamic education, enabling them to enroll in universities and reach their full potential.”

Governor Abba Yusuf expressed gratitude for Kwankwaso’s initiative, highlighting its potential to enhance the education sector in the state. He announced the government’s commitment to rehabilitating 44 Tsangiya Islamic Schools across local government areas and ensuring access to essential learning materials for a conducive learning environment. Yusuf commended Kwankwaso for his exemplary leadership, emphasizing the importance of adopting his leadership style to promote good democratic governance in the state.


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