The Kano State government has set an ambitious target of reaching four million people through its 2024 Ramadan feeding program, spanning all 44 local government areas of the state,leadership reports.

According to the Commissioner for Information and Home Affairs, Honorable Baba Dantiye, who spoke in an interview with LEADERSHIP in Kano, the state government has allocated a budget of N6 billion to provide meals for the less privileged.

Dantiye elaborated that the Kano metropolitan area, comprising eight LGAs, operates 90 special centers including mosques, remand centers, Almajiri schools, hospitals, and Islamic schools, serving an average of 18,000 individuals daily.

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The allocated budget caters to various expenses such as food items, cooking utensils, allowances for cooks and security personnel, as well as firewood, throughout the Ramadan period.

“At each center, three women are designated to cook while three men provide security to ensure the safety of food distribution and prevent any chaos,” Dantiye explained.

He further detailed that each center receives two bags of rice, sufficient to feed approximately 200 individuals, with additional provisions such as beans cake, pap, and assorted meals served daily between 6:30 PM and 7:00 PM, specifically targeting those in dire need.

These centers are strategically located in areas with high population densities, including Islamic schools, remand homes, hospitals, and Almajiri schools, to ensure efficient distribution to the most vulnerable segments of the population.


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