In response to recent calls in Kano urging the dissolution of the five new emirates in favor of returning to the former single emirate, a collective known as Inuwar Masarautar Bichi, Kano State, has cautioned the Kano State House of Assembly (KNHA) against such action,leadership reports.

Expressing their concerns in a letter addressed to the Speaker of the Assembly titled “Scrapping Or Abolishing Of Kano New Emirate Councils: An Appeal For Caution And Restraint,” the group emphasized the potential ramifications of such a decision. The letter, signed by the coordinating secretary Bello Gambo Bichi and 77 other members of local government representatives of the Bichi Emirate, was shared with the media in Kano.

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Referring to a reported request by a group named Coalition For The Protection Of Democratic Rights Groups (COPDORG), also known as Kungiyar ‘Yan Dangwale, the letter highlighted the possible negative impact on the Bichi Emirate and other emirates if the request to abolish the newly-established emirate system was granted.

The group underscored the importance of maintaining the existing social order, peace, and tranquility in the state, cautioning that dismantling the new emirates could disrupt these vital aspects.

They urged the legislature to dismiss COPDORG’s request and any similar calls, advocating instead for actions that promote peaceful coexistence among the people, particularly during challenging times. The group stressed the populace’s attachment to their emirs and emirates, warning that any regressive measures to abolish the current administrative structure would jeopardize peace and security, potentially leading to widespread discontent.

Finally, they implored the House to avoid succumbing to sentiment and stirring confusion or anarchy, emphasizing the need to uphold the state’s dignity and unity.


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