The United States has expressed its readiness to assist the Nigerian Military in minimizing accidental bombing incidents, provided it is allowed to intervene. Specifically, the U.S. aims to contribute by deploying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance the military’s capabilities, thus ensuring compliance with international humanitarian law and preventing unintended violations,Daily Trust reports.

During a roundtable media chat in Abuja, the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of the United States Bureau of Arms Control, Deterrence, and Stability, Paul Dean, conveyed this commitment. He highlighted the potential of AI to significantly improve military operations, emphasizing its role in upholding international humanitarian law, enhancing efficiency, eliminating biases, and improving decision-making processes. Dean underscored the considerable value of AI in promoting global stability.

Expressing condolences for recent tragic events, Dean stressed that the positive applications of AI in the military were encouraged. He noted that a recently launched initiative aimed to maximize the benefits of AI in military applications. According to the U.S. official, the adoption of technology would bring predictability, transparency, stability, and responsibility to military operations, thereby reducing the risks associated with irresponsible approaches.

Dean emphasized the importance of states committing to using technology responsibly and adhering to established norms. He asserted that when states embrace technology predictably and responsibly, the international community can capitalize on the advantages while minimizing the risks associated with irresponsible practices.

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Regarding arms proliferation, Dean highlighted the U.S. Bureau’s engagement in deterring conflict, promoting stability, and encouraging responsible military behavior. He emphasized the natural fit for partnership with Nigeria in areas such as prohibiting chemical weapons, ensuring nuclear stability, promoting responsible use of outer space, and implementing risk reduction measures to address regional security concerns.


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