The Ad-hoc Committee on Job Racketeering in the House of Representatives has taken a significant step by issuing an arrest warrant for Haruna Kolo, a former employee of the Federal Character Commission (FCC). Kolo is believed to have played a role as an intermediary in the illicit sale of job positions within the Commission.

During a recent hearing led by Hon. Yusuf Gadgi, the committee chair, the decision to issue the warrant was made when Kolo, who now works at the Asset Management Company of Nigeria (AMCON), failed to appear before the panel for the third consecutive time.

In his initial testimony on Monday, Kolo revealed that he had been collecting sums ranging from N1 million to N1.5 million on behalf of Dr. Muyeebat Dankaka, the FCC Chairman. These payments were made by individual applicants seeking employment opportunities at the Commission. Kolo also disclosed that he had facilitated cash transactions, as instructed by Dankaka, to her personally through a Point of Sale (PoS) device.

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The committee’s chairman, Hon. Gagdi, emphasized that if Kolo continued to evade the investigation, security agencies would be involved to ensure his presence. Additionally, Gagdi directed AMCON, Kolo’s current employer, to facilitate Kolo’s appearance before the committee.

In the midst of this, AMCON and other relevant agencies slated to attend the hearing failed to attend, leading to an abrupt adjournment of the session. Expressing his displeasure at the agencies’ avoidance of the probe, Gagdi underscored the committee’s determination to enforce their appearance.

Gagdi announced the committee’s intention to publicly communicate their expectations through newspaper publications and television announcements. This initiative aims to ensure that the agencies are well-informed and have ample opportunity to comply. Gagdi also warned that necessary actions, including legal measures, would be taken if agencies continued to disregard the committee’s inquiries.

Regarding Kolo, Gagdi emphasized that the committee would not hesitate to secure his arrest through a warrant if necessary. The committee intends to officially communicate with various security agencies and AMCON to ensure Kolo’s prompt appearance before the panel.


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