Famous TikTok star, Saudat Shehu, popularly known as Ummi Darling in the entertainment sector, has disclosed that she is tired of spinsterhood and ready to settle down as a humble wife.

The TikToker, who is a diploma holder from Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), is known for viral dancing videos.

In a video, the celebrity revealed that she wanted to quit TikTok and get married.

“I want to repent and discard TikToking because I want to get married; I am tired of spinsterhood. Though I have no boyfriend for now, because I don’t believe in fake love, and I want to date a mature man not a boy.”

“I want a man that can fully take my responsibilities as a wife as well as take his full responsibilities as a husband,” she said.

Ummi darling became popular on TikTok two years ago due to her dancing ability.

She parades herself as a queen who only dances to love songs despite saying on several occasions that she doesn’t believe in love.


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