Damilola Adeparusi popularly called Chef Dammy, has finally spoken out about her just-concluded 120-hour cook-a-thon.

Dammy, a student at the University of Oye-Ekiti, told BBC News Yoruba that she did not participate in the cook-a-thon because she wants to be a Guinness World Records holder for the longest hours spent cooking by an individual or compete with Hilda Baci, who cooked on a stretch for 100 hours.

She went on to say that she participated in the cook-a-thon because she enjoys cooking and wants others to see a young girl cook.

Speaking in the interview, she said, “About the Guinness Book of Record or competing with Hilda Baci, I only did the cook-a-thon because I love cooking. I didn’t do the 120 hours cook-a-thon for Guinness World Records to know me, I only did it for people that will wants to watch a little girl cooking.”

Chef Dammy began her 120-hour cooking marathon in Oye Local Government Area in Ekiti State on Friday, June 9, and completed the 120-hour on Wednesday morning.

Credit: BBCYoruba


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