What do you do with your newspapers after reading and with the lids and lemon boxes or bottles?

For many people, the answer is that they throw them in the trash – but this is different for a group in Nigeria that embraces the collection of such trash or garbage and turns them into decorative items with young activists.

It is a program to encourage the processing of these items into jewelry to promote beauty and beauty.

At the moment, jewelry and fashion are almost 10 percent of carbon emissions, according to the United Nations.

The “Greenfingers” group has been leading the campaign to clean the environment in Lagos, Nigeria, since 2012.

But on Saturday, they focused on organizing an event to promote jewelry made from trash as a new way to show the world how to reduce trash and recycle it into useful products.

Chinedu Mogbo, who also founded the group, told us that there is a lack of education on environmental pollution and climate change problems, so this kind of meeting that they called “trashion” is a way to beautify and educate the community.

“We want the youth to be in this campaign of life in the mountains and water,” said Mogbo, who is determined to also manage a large portion of the ball to the beauty of the attraction.

However, waste management in Nigeria is not an easy task: There is concern on the part of those responsible for refuse or waste, that waste is collected in one place and taken to another place – meaning that the work is not going as it should be.

Therefore, the trashion program shows the most suitable ways of managing this activity and the strategy of controlling the ball, which previously had no knowledge or experience of this, according to him.

Chinedu is confident that “Nigeria’s priority is in the oil sector, and the issue of dependence on this sector is not sustainable as the indicators show in the future”.

“Garbage collected from ditches, canals, beaches and other areas of the community – had the opportunity to be the clothes that were sold at this meeting. And that shows the need to come up with other strategies like this attractive meeting.

“I decided to come out and do this meeting this year, because I want to make a change, we have seen the change caused by climate problems, so I really want to make a change,” said 16-year-old Nathaniel Edegwa.


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