Kenyan socialite and social media influencer, Brenda died after cocaine reportedly burst in her stomach.

According to a post on Facebook by TARABA NEWS, a Kenyan lady who used to live large on Instagram has reportedly died in Malaysia while trafficking drugs for her Nigerian boyfriend.

The deceased lady identified as Brenda arrived at a Malaysian airport and started acting weird, attracting the attention of security guards.

She then fell to the ground and started shaking and foaming at the mouth.

Apparently, one of the bags of cocaine she had carried in her stomach had ruptured.She was rushed to a hospital in Malaysia where she died while undergoing treatment.

When forensic doctors investigated the body, they found 34 capsules of cocaine in her stomach.

Brenda used to live large on Instagram but few people knew that she was a drug trafficker.

She was always globetrotting and enjoying lavish vacations.


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