A haze descended upon Maiduguri, the capital of Borno State, starting Tuesday evening and continuing into Wednesday, impacting visibility and public health,Daily Trust reports.

Residents, particularly those with pre-existing health issues, as well as drivers who faced reduced visibility, found themselves compelled to adapt to the challenging conditions.

Today, it has become a common sight to see people in Maiduguri wearing face masks and eyeglasses to cope with the situation.

Luksha Samuel Mshelia, a local resident, described the weather as “unexpected” and “unpleasant” on Tuesday evening, and it has persisted as hazy since then.


“This sudden shift to hazy weather has brought about coughs, congestion, and even fever. It’s unusual to have this kind of weather now because haze typically occurs in December or January,” he remarked.

Hajja Asmau, an asthmatic patient en route to the University of Maiduguri, noted that the weather was unfavorable but felt compelled to attend a morning lecture.

A commercial driver, known as Danfulani, mentioned that the “inclement weather” led to significant road delays due to poor visibility.

Dr. Mamza Ezra from Umaru Shehu Hospital in Maiduguri stated that the weather doesn’t pose a significant threat to most individuals, but those with underlying health conditions may be more vulnerable.

“Individuals with respiratory issues like asthma and heart conditions should stay indoors to minimize their exposure, or they should use facemasks if it’s necessary for them to go outside,” he advised. Dr. Ezra also recommended that those with underlying health conditions avoid cold water, air conditioning, high-speed fans, and maintain a normal room temperature.


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