Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State has given the green light for a 25 percent reduction in fares for government-owned transportation services,Daily Trust reports.

Speaking to residents about measures his administration is taking to alleviate hardships, the governor also announced adjustments in the working arrangements for civil servants.

He disclosed that civil servants ranging from level 1 to 14 would now work from home for two days a week, while those at levels 15 to 17 would have one work-from-home day per week.

“We’re starting with our public servants; starting next week, those at lower levels will be working three times a week, while those at levels 15 to 17 can work four times a week,” he explained.

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Sanwo-Olu clarified that the reduction in transportation fares, applicable to the State Public Transport system (including BRT, Train, and Ferry), would commence over the coming weekend.

Furthermore, he assured other categories of civil servants, such as teachers, would receive additional support to enable them to work five days a week.

Regarding food distribution, the governor revealed that the state is expecting 300 trailer loads of foodstuff and has established mechanisms to ensure equitable distribution to those in need.

Sanwo-Olu outlined plans to construct four food hubs to revamp food distribution and combat soaring food prices. Additionally, Sunday Markets will be established in 42 identified markets across Lagos State, offering discounted food items. Shoppers will be limited to purchases worth up to N25,000.

He also mentioned ongoing construction of four food hubs, with plans for seven more locations in different local governments to develop additional food hubs.


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