In the Apapa-Oshodi expressway, some commercial motorcycle riders, often known as Okada riders have been allegedly accused of killing a police officer on Wednesday, WithinNigeria reports.

Three police officers’ firearms, according to reports, were taken during the incident near Cele Bus Stop.

On Wednesday, the incident was confirmed by Benjamin Hundeyin, the public relations officer for the Lagos State Police Command.

Yet he claimed that he had not yet received information about what exactly happened.

A witness who was in the area saw the dead police officer by the side of the road and noticed that no less than five patrol vehicles with armed police officers were pursuing the okada riders down the freeway near Second Rainbow/Mile 2.

The riders were also seen brandishing objects like cutlasses, sticks and iron rods as they fled from police arrest.

It is still unclear what led to the altercation between the okada riders and the dead policeman.

This is a developing story…


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