Adamawa State Governor, Ahmadu Fintiri, marked his hundred days in office by extending clemency to 42 inmates and granting bail to 27 others.

These inmates, primarily awaiting trial detainees from Yolde Pate Correctional Centre, were released on Monday. Their release was carried out upon the recommendation of the Advisory Council on the Prerogative of Mercy, with the aim of reducing congestion in correctional facilities throughout the state.

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Justice Hapsat Abdulrahaman, the State Chief Judge who led the Jail Delivery Committee, oversaw the conviction of two out of the 203 inmates addressed by the committee. Among those convicted and sentenced to five years imprisonment each were two individuals who had confessed to the alleged crimes for which they had been detained.

Currently, Yolde Pate New Medium Security Custodial Center accommodates 865 inmates, with many of those pardoned having been detained on charges related to breach of trust, criminal conspiracy, and culpable homicide.


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