The North Central branch of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Forum has announced its presence in Plateau State with the objective of ensuring a smooth resumption of their party’s candidates to the House of Assembly for legislative duties,Daily Trust reports.

The forum emphasized its commitment to addressing any obstacles hindering their members from assuming control of the House of Assembly, especially now that they constitute the majority following the recent removal of all Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) members by the Court of Appeal, declaring APC candidates as the rightful winners of the election.

In a statement made in Jos yesterday, the chairman of the forum, Alhaji Saleh Mandung Zazzaga, mentioned that a five-day special prayer had commenced to invoke divine support for the success of the APC in its ongoing initiatives.

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These prayers extend across all North Central states where the forum’s members operate, with special attention directed towards Plateau State to pave the way for the return of APC House of Assembly members from Abuja after receiving their certificates of return.

Zazzaga urged Governor Caleb Mutfwang not to obstruct the legislative activities of their members, expressing concerns about potential hindrances, such as the recent removal of the Assembly roof for renovation by the state government. He emphasized the need for a peaceful and unobstructed return of APC legislators from Abuja to resume their legislative responsibilities, calling on the PDP to ensure that their supporters, who have been protesting against the court judgment, refrain from confrontations.


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