Christopher Musa, the Chief of Defence Staff, has issued a directive to operational commanders, emphasizing that no terrorist, bandit, or criminal should escape justice,TheCable reports.

Musa delivered this directive during the inaugural Defence Headquarters (DHQ) joint task force commanders conference held in Abuja on Saturday.

He stated that the directive aligns with President Bola Tinubu’s mandate to the armed forces and other security agencies to decisively address all threats to national security.

Musa stressed, “I want you to remain focused, dedicated, and committed towards ensuring that we achieve the mandates of the president that no terrorists, no bandits, no criminal should be spared.”

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He emphasized the importance of unity of effort among commanders and called for cooperation, collaboration, and synergy among the armed forces. By breaking down barriers, sharing resources, and leveraging each other’s strengths, the collective impact can be maximized to achieve shared objectives.

Musa also noted the need to reform the structures of various operations and assured commanders that all challenges would be addressed to enhance effectiveness in theaters of operation.

He encouraged commanders to empower their troops to think creatively and challenge conventional wisdom.

Additionally, the Chief of Defence Staff emphasized the importance of prioritizing the welfare and professional development of personnel, calling on commanders to invest in training, mentorship, and career progression.

Musa underscored the significance of building and maintaining strong relationships with the communities they serve. Trust and support from the local population are crucial in countering insurgency, terrorism, and other security challenges. Engaging with community leaders, religious leaders, and other stakeholders, listening to their concerns, addressing grievances, and involving them in decision-making processes can foster cooperation and build resilient communities actively involved in securing their futures.

In conclusion, Musa urged commanders to adopt a bold, innovative, and proactive approach to national security.


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