The Dangote Petroleum Refinery has welcomed its fifth consignment of crude oil, a million barrels of Bonny Light supplied by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Limited (NNPCL),leadership reports.

Arriving on Thursday, this latest delivery is part of a larger six-million-barrel consignment earmarked for the refinery’s impending launch.

Docking at the Single Point Mooring (SPM)-C2 Dangote Offshore Oil Terminal, this recent arrival stressed the refinery’s accelerated pace as it readies itself for the much-anticipated commencement of operations.

Efficiently managing the crude discharge into its storage tanks, the facility demonstrates both operational preparedness and a robust capability to handle significant volumes of crude oil.

This development follows the refinery’s recent receipt of a fourth one-million-barrel shipment, also sourced from NNPCL. Globally recognized for its status as a single-train refinery, the Dangote Petroleum Refinery aims to be a transformative force within the African oil industry.

The successful handling of these substantial shipments underscores the refinery’s advanced capabilities and its pivotal role in Nigeria’s oil sector.

The seamless processing of the fifth shipment indicates optimistic prospects for the refinery’s potential impact on Nigeria’s economy. It includes strengthening domestic refining capacity, reducing reliance on imported petroleum products, and stabilising national fuel prices.

Furthermore, the refinery is gearing up for the sixth and final shipment from the initial six-million-barrel allocation, expected to arrive next week.

Previously, the Dangote Refinery had effectively received three million barrels of crude oil, marking consistent progress toward its goal of revolutionising oil refining in Nigeria and across Africa.

The upcoming launch of refinery operations is eagerly awaited, given its potential to stimulate economic growth, create job opportunities, and enhance energy security in Nigeria and the wider African region.


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