The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has urged the Nigerian military to refrain from replicating the recent actions of the Gabonese army, which executed a bloodless coup d’état to overthrow President Ali Bongo last Wednesday,Daily Trust reports.

Prof. Ishaq Akintola, MURIC’s Executive Director, issued this advisory in a statement on Wednesday. He emphasized their disapproval of the authoritarian “sit-tight” tendencies seen in the Bongo family and some other African nations, while strongly condemning the military coup in Gabon. MURIC firmly advises the Nigerian Army to remain non-partisan and resist any inclination to mimic the Gabonese army by orchestrating a coup in Nigeria.

Akintola stressed that any Nigerian soldier contemplating a coup in the present political landscape is likely motivated by self-interest. He noted the stark contrast between Nigeria’s political environment and Gabon’s, where the Bongo dynasty has held power for over five decades.

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Furthermore, he warned that a military coup against the current Muslim-Muslim leadership would be seen as a direct assault on Muslims in the country due to the prevailing religious sentiments surrounding this leadership arrangement. He cautioned that such an action would carry a religious connotation, drawing parallels to historical coup events in Nigeria’s past, notably the 1966 coup and its counter-coup, which had regional and ethnic implications.

Akintola praised the Nigerian Army’s exceptional training and professionalism, highlighting their ongoing efforts against Boko Haram, insurgents, and other security threats. He stressed that the military cannot afford to involve itself in political matters given its existing commitments.

In conclusion, Akintola urged Nigerian leaders to learn from recent events in Gabon, Niger, Mali, and elsewhere, emphasizing the imperative of good governance. He called upon them to prioritize addressing issues such as poverty, hunger, and disease in the country.


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