The Burkina Faso junta, which ousted a military regime to assume control, has officially declared the occurrence of a coup attempt. In a released statement, the junta disclosed that an effort by certain army officers to seize power and throw the nation into turmoil had been foiled,Daily Trust reports.

“The sinister intention of assaulting the Republic’s institutions and instigating chaos in our nation… Investigations will aid in unveiling the culprits behind this conspiracy.”

Rimtalba Jean Emmanuel Ouedraogo, the spokesperson for the regime, conveyed, “Officers and other alleged participants involved in this destabilization attempt have been apprehended, with others actively being pursued.”

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The military government expressed its commitment to fully illuminate the details of this plot, expressing regret that “officers, sworn to defend their homeland, have strayed into such an endeavor.”

While the statement indicated that four individuals had been detained, two remained at large. It also underscored that the regime initiated an inquiry based on “credible reports of a plot against state security involving officers.”

“We deeply regret that officers, bound by their oath to safeguard their homeland, have engaged in such an undertaking, seeking to obstruct the Burkinabe people’s pursuit of sovereignty and complete liberation from the terrorist threats attempting to subjugate them.”

The junta took control following two military coups the previous year, partly sparked by escalating insurgency by armed groups affiliated with al Qaeda and the Islamic State, which has destabilized Burkina Faso and its neighboring regions.

Captain Ibrahim Traoré, the leader of the junta, assumed power on September 30, 2022, marking the country’s second coup in eight months.

Since 2020, there have been seven coups reported across the African continent.


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