Hon. Terseer Ugbor, the deputy chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Environment, has reiterated the urgent need for international organizations to assist victims affected by the persistent conflicts between farmers and herders in Benue State,leadership reports.

Speaking during an interview at the United Nations (UN) FCCC COP28 in Dubai, Ugbor, who represents the Kwande/Ushongo federal constituency of Benue State, emphasized the severity of the situation. He expressed optimism that his discussions with various international organizations at the Dubai conference would result in funding aimed at providing a lasting solution to the crisis. This solution includes constructing homes for displaced persons and ensuring nutritional support for children.

According to Ugbor, Benue State has been severely impacted by the clashes, resulting in over 20,000 deaths and thousands of displaced individuals in IDP camps. He highlighted the economic factors contributing to the conflict between herders and farmers in the country.

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Ugbor lauded the establishment and implementation of the loss and damage fund at COP 28, expressing hope that Nigeria would benefit significantly. He urged the delegation to negotiate favorable deals for the country, with the aim of addressing mitigation and adaptation challenges related to climate change.

In closing, Ugbor expressed confidence that Nigeria would share a success story and significant achievements upon its return to COP, anticipating a positive outcome by 2024.


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