A Shari’a Court in the Kwana Hudu area of Kano metropolis has issued an order for the detention of Murja Ibrahim Kunya, a controversial TikToker, at the Kurmawa correctional facility in Kano State,leadership reports.

According to LEADERSHIP, Murja was apprehended earlier on Tuesday by the Kano State Hisbah Board after weeks of pursuit, along with five other TikTokers in the state.

She stands accused of various charges, including public nuisance, indecency, and alleged attempts to lure young girls into prostitution. Consequently, the Court has directed that she remain in custody until its session on February 27, 2024.

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Despite the allegations, Murja vehemently denied all charges during her appearance before the Shari’a Court on Tuesday.

The Kano State Hisbah Board took Murja into custody at her residence in the Tishama Hotoro area around 12:46 am on Tuesday, following numerous complaints from community members regarding her perceived negative influence on the youth as a social media influencer.

Murja recently posted a TikTok video asserting control over all prostitutes in Kano State, claiming they would submit to her authority.

This incident marks Murja Kunya’s second encounter with the law and ongoing conflict with the Islamic Police Force in the state, known as Hisbah.

She was previously briefly detained in February 2023 due to contentious social media content, resulting in a lighter penalty of community service.

Among the TikTokers under Hisbah’s scrutiny alongside Murja are Abubakar Ibrahim (G-Fresh), Sadiya Haruna, Ashiru Idris (Maiwushirya), Ummee Shakira, and Hassan Makeup.


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