The Bauchi Emirate Council has revoked the titles of six recently appointed traditional leaders in the Galambi District Area, citing a departure from established guidelines for their turbaning process,Daily Trust report.

In a statement signed by Babangifa Hassan Jahun, the Information Officer of the Emirates Council, it was clarified that the District Head of Galambi, Alhaji Shehu Adamu Jumba, who also holds the position of Danlawal of Bauchi Emirate, had appointed and turbaned individuals with titles such as Galadaman Danlawal, Wakilin Dokan Danlawal, Majidadin Danlawal, Wakilin Gonan Danlawal, Sarkin Dajin Danlawal, and Hardon Danlawal at his palace.

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The decision to strip these individuals of their titles and impose a one-year prohibition on the district head’s authority to make such appointments, effective from November 7, 2023, was justified by the breach of established guidelines.

The statement emphasized the necessity for the district head to adhere to established protocols in all future turbaning processes within the emirate.


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