A gang of bandits has launched a daring assault on a police station situated within the Bungudu local government area of Zamfara State. Tragically, this brazen attack resulted in the loss of a dedicated officer who was on duty at the time.

According to a reliable source who shared the account with LEADERSHIP, the bandits executed their attack from a position of concealment within nearby farmlands. Their large numbers allowed them to strike the police station with a swift and unexpected assault.

The situation escalated into a fierce exchange of gunfire between the brave policemen defending the station and the marauding bandits. Regrettably, one valiant officer succumbed to the intense gunfight, losing his life in the line of duty.

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Upon reaching out for confirmation, the spokesperson for the Zamfara State Police, ASP Yazid Abubakar, expressed his lack of awareness regarding the incident. He assured that he would establish contact with the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) stationed in Bungudu LGA to gather comprehensive details. This endeavor, however, was hindered by his ongoing engagement in a meeting at the time of the inquiry.


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