The youth faction of the Baga Market Fish Sellers and Farmers Association in Maiduguri, Borno State, has initiated a protest against the main Marketers Association.

The youth retailers have raised allegations of financial mismanagement amounting to approximately N3 billion in revenue and are demanding transparency and accountability for the past two years.

They further claim that the primary association, led by Abacha Mandalama, has not conducted an election in the past 24 years.

Bukar Abacha, the leader of the youth group, asserted that the union leaders diverted N100 million out of the N3 billion collected from fish sellers and transporters, channeling it to the state government.

“In the past two years, they have collected around N3 billion in revenue from fish sellers and transporters, yet only about N100 million was remitted to the state government treasury,” he stated.

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“We question the whereabouts of the remaining balance and call on the government to launch an investigation.”

Abacha also alleged that the Mandalama-led leadership has transformed the association into a family enterprise.

“Any attempt to demand an election results in arrest. We are demanding an election within the next three months,” he urged.

Mandalama refuted the accusations, clarifying that the revenue in question actually belongs to the government.

“This revenue isn’t mine or the association’s. How plausible would it be for us to commit such a fraudulent act and remit only a small portion to the government?” he countered.

“By citing these figures, the protesters are essentially implicating the government. Who disclosed these numbers to them? Was it me or the banks? Even if we remit the revenue, we aren’t aware of the exact amount.”

Addressing the issue of elections, Mandalama commented, “For how long has Paul Biya ruled Cameroon? Hence, the protesters are merely attempting to disrupt the peace. There is nothing more to it.”


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