The 80 Units Housing Estate in Jimeta and Unguwan Tana along Bakin Kogi in Adamawa State is grappling with severe challenges due to persistent flooding wreaking havoc in the area,Daily Trust reports.

In some parts, the floodwaters have reached knee-deep levels, and the residents are grappling with the devastating consequences.

The affected community urgently appeals to the government for intervention to address their pressing concerns.

Beyond the economic repercussions, the residents also face substantial safety issues.

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The temporary shelters established to offer relief have given rise to hygiene problems, and there are reports of security concerns, including incidents of sexual assault in the vicinity, intensifying the distress and anxiety of those affected.

Zahra Alkali, a resident of the 80 Units Housing Estate, shared her apprehensions, disclosing that some of her neighbors have already evacuated the area due to the ongoing flood’s devastating impact.

Furthermore, the flooding has ravaged numerous farmlands, depriving the residents of their primary source of income.

Yohanna Simon, a long-standing resident of Bakin Kogi, bemoaned the fact that flooding has been an enduring issue for decades, causing destruction to their properties and farms.

Asma’u Bala, another affected resident, expressed her concerns about her family’s safety, revealing that over sixty people gather together at night and sleep outdoors due to the prevailing sense of uncertainty.

Dan Liti, a canoe paddler, painted a grim picture of the situation, with his family being displaced and his wife and children seeking refuge in nearby schools.

The predicament remains dire, with residents grappling not only with the destructive force of the flood but also with the looming threat of sexual assault, which has been reported in the area.

The affected population urgently calls upon the government to provide immediate relief and security measures to address their pressing concerns.

The continuous flooding has left numerous individuals displaced and struggling to cope with the upheaval in their lives.

The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) issued a press statement on Saturday, indicating that farms and houses have been submerged by the floods, and thousands of residents have been compelled to evacuate for their safety.

The situation in Adamawa State, prompted by heavy rainfall on Friday, has now necessitated swift federal government intervention.

The flooding is a result of the gradual release of water from the Lagdo Dam in Cameroon.

NEMA highlighted collaborative efforts with its Yola office and the Adamawa State Emergency Management Agency (ADSEMA) alongside relevant stakeholders to monitor the escalating water levels.

Some of the displaced individuals have sought refuge with relatives in host communities, while others have found shelter in designated locations, such as Limawa Primary School, Gwadabawa Secondary School, Gidan Gona Warehouse in Yola North, and AA Namtari Primary School in Yola South LGAs.

NEMA appeals to the federal government to take immediate action to alleviate the devastating consequences of the floods and provide much-needed relief to the affected communities.


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