Former federal lawmaker and human rights activist, Senator Shehu Sani, has expressed optimism regarding the eventual release of the abducted school children and teachers from Kuriga Government Secondary and LEA primary schools in Chikun Local Government area of Kaduna State,leadership reports.

In a statement posted on his verified Facebook page on Wednesday morning, Senator Sani underscored the need for patience from the public, noting that terrorists often seek to manipulate public opinion to further their agenda of exploitation and extortion.

Sani, who previously represented Kaduna Central Senatorial District, lamented the mismanagement of resources by past administrations, resulting in a legacy of terror that the nation is grappling with today.

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“The abducted pupils and students in Kaduna will be freed eventually. The ongoing efforts by security agencies are promising, albeit requiring patience from the public. Terrorists thrive on manipulating public sentiment to advance their nefarious goals,” Sani emphasized.

He urged citizens to deny criminals the opportunity to achieve their aims, especially considering that they targeted vulnerable children from less privileged backgrounds.

“We must not grant them the satisfaction of success. They have targeted the innocent children of the less fortunate; they deserve no accolades. I am confident that the National Security Adviser, the Service Chiefs, and other security agencies are collaborating effectively on this issue. Our collective efforts will yield results,” he asserted.

Reflecting on past governmental failures, Sani stressed the imperative of not allowing terrorists to dictate the nation’s future. “Previous administrations squandered vast sums of money, leaving behind a legacy of terror that we are now contending with. The terrorists are running out of options, and we must not let them succeed,” he concluded.


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