The Committee of Northeast Commissioners of Health has appealed to the Northeast Development Commission (NEDC) for assistance in reducing maternal and infant mortality rates in the region,Daily Trust reports.

It was highlighted that Nigeria accounts for 30 percent of maternal and newborn deaths globally.

Prof. Baba Mallam Gana, the committee chairman, conveyed this concern during a meeting with the NEDC leadership to discuss ways to enhance the healthcare sector in the area.

Gana emphasized the urgent need to address the alarming rates of maternal and newborn mortality, along with other maternal-neonatal challenges prevalent in the northeast.

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He acknowledged the efforts of the NEDC in the health sector, particularly in upgrading the eye hospital to international standards. However, he stressed the necessity for continued collaboration to enhance healthcare delivery in the Northeast.

“We recognize the interventions made by the commission, such as the upgrades to the eye hospital. Yet, we still require the support of the NEDC, especially now, as the health sector in the Northeast faces critical challenges, particularly in maternal and neonatal care,” Gana stated.


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