Exploration activities at the Kolmani Oil Field have come to a standstill, remaining dormant for 16 months following the inauguration of exploration operations at the site by the previous presidential administration,leadership reports.

According to a report by LEADERSHIP, Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited, in collaboration with New Nigeria Development Company, commenced crude oil drilling at two oil blocks within the Kolmani Oil Field, namely OPL809 and OPL810, back in November 2022, towards the end of former President Muhammadu Buhari’s tenure.

Initial projections estimated the presence of approximately one billion barrels of crude oil deposits and around 500 billion cubic feet of natural gas reserves within the Kolmani area, spanning across Bauchi and Gombe states. The exploration endeavors were anticipated to continue until 2060, with expectations of generating up to 50,000 barrels of crude oil per day from the Kolmani oil blocks.

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However, a resident of the Kolmani vicinity, speaking anonymously, revealed that drilling operations have been halted since the presidential inauguration, with no significant progress observed. He noted the relocation of drilling equipment by NNPCL to Nasarawa State and Lake Chad, leaving Kolmani devoid of necessary resources.

Out of the five oil wells in Kolmani, only two have been developed thus far, with additional challenges arising, such as the collapse of a bridge connecting Kolmani communities to the outside world due to the passage of heavy machinery.

Recent sightings of personnel from Sterling Global attempting to repair the bridge have sparked hopes of potential resumption of exploration activities. Despite these efforts, inquiries directed to both NNPCL and the Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources regarding the abandonment of Kolmani oil exploration have remained unanswered.

Addressing the situation, Bauchi State Commissioner for Natural Resources, Bello Maiwada, emphasized the state government’s role as a stakeholder in facilitating crude oil exploration within Kolmani. While acknowledging the federal government’s jurisdiction over such matters, Maiwada assured the provision of an enabling environment for seamless operations, particularly in terms of security, to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment within the area.


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