As the conflict entered its 100th day, the Palestinian health ministry in Gaza reported that Israeli strikes had resulted in the deaths of 23,968 Palestinians and injuries to 60,582 since October 7, according to TRT World. The Palestinian foreign ministry criticized the international community for failing to implement resolutions related to the Palestinian cause, highlighting that the Israeli occupation had rendered Gaza uninhabitable, committed heinous crimes, and displaced around 2 million people,Daily Trust report.

Despite 100 days passing, the ministry asserted that some nations remained unconvinced about the erosion of Israel’s ‘defense’ argument amid the occupation’s massacres. It called on these countries to reassess their support for the war. Concurrently, Israel’s overnight air and land raids in various Gaza regions resulted in the deaths of over 100 Palestinians and numerous injuries, as reported by the official Palestinian news agency Wafa on Sunday.

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Wafa detailed that a three-storey residential building in the densely populated Al-Daraj neighborhood of Gaza City was bombed, resulting in the retrieval of 50 civilians’ bodies from the rubble. In another attack, artillery shelling in the Sabra and Al-Zeitoun neighborhoods claimed five lives and left ten injured. Israel’s artillery and navy also targeted the homes of Palestinians in Tal Al-Hawa and Sheikh Ajleen areas.

Khan Younis witnessed an Israeli bombing that killed over 30 Palestinians, including children and women. Additionally, air strikes near the Egyptian border claimed 23 lives in two houses and a vehicle carrying mostly displaced passengers. Philippe Lazzarini, the chief of the UN’s refugee agency, spoke of hunger and desperation within UNRWA-run shelters and schools, emphasizing the tragic state of Palestinian children.

Meanwhile, the NetBlocks observatory reported a more than 48-hour internet outage, leaving most residents cut off as the conflict in Gaza surpassed the 100-day milestone.


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