Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi State, has promised that he will not rig himself into office, harass or intimidate anyone during next month’s gubernatorial election in the state.

Governor Mohammed, who stated this when he paid homage to the District Head of Itas during his reelection campaign in Itas Gadau local government area of Bauchi State on Sunday, sought for prayers and the blessings of the district head for his success in the 2023 gubernatorial election.

He said he has fulfilled his 2019 campaign promises to the LGA just as he pledged to do more if reelected.

He said: “We thank God for giving us this position and for giving us father’s like you and it is in knowing your dignity that I refused going to campaign when I got here but to come here and pay my homage and respect to you and the elders of this community and get your prayers and blessings.

“We are grateful for the support we got from you in the past and you can see how we are fulfilling the pledge we made when we were campaigning in 2019. You have seen that we have constructed a road here and we are still doing some other projects and we are also happy working with the sons and daughters from this area in government.

“I am promising that we will not rig the election, oppress, intimidate or harass anyone. We will allow the will of the people to prevail. And I urge you to receive any other politician that comes here for campaign, don’t run away, receive them because you are a father to all,” he said.

The District Head of Itas, Sagir Abdullahi, in a response, expressed gratitude to the governor for all he did for the local government since assumption into office as governor.

He thanked the governor for the construction of the road from Gadau town to Itas which he said they weren’t expecting to be constructed in the next 100 years to come.

Abdullahi said: “We are happy that the governor has served for four years in office now and is contesting for another term. We acknowledge all the developmental projects he has executed for us in these four years. I assure you of our support.

“The road you have constructed here in Itas is one of the best roads in the State and we weren’t even expecting that road to be constructed in 100 years to come in this town, but you came here for a campaign and promised us this road and now, you have fulfilled it.

“Besides this road, there are other dividends of democracy that we have benefitted from your administration, some renovations that were done here, especially the hospital. Before you came into power, if medical personnel are posted here, they come and refuse to stay because there was no befitting accommodation for them. We once bought a mattress and chairs and took to the doctor’s house, but that didn’t still didn’t convince him to stay, so he left. But when you came into the office, you renovated the hospital itself.

“The Itas Gadau local government Secretariat which was built close to 40 years ago, has never been renovated or even painted for once, but you have renovated it and it is wearing a new look. All these are blessings that came to us from your government and we, as traditional rulers, are very grateful.”


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